Find Your Grounding

Life is wildly turbulent. One day life is mundane and structured. Spontaneity becomes a long-forgotten value. Then, the next day life slams us against the wall while despair pounds at the door. Grief, confusion, heartache, loss- we experience it all. And one day we even touch into bliss, joy and excitement but fear that we …

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Perfectionism Got You Stuck?

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Do you tend to tilt towards a perfectionist personality? These behaviors can show up in sneaky ways. Often people do not see the perfectionism hiding in plain sight. Other times, the flashing red lights are screaming perfectionism and there is no denying. So, how does perfectionism show up in life? Like I said, it can …

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I Don’t Know What To Do With Love

Counseling Tucson

Have you experienced challenges in your adult relationships? Really, if you are alive on this planet…you have. You may have wondered “what is wrong with me” or “why are relationships so hard” or “I don’t know if I am able to trust again”. Learning to love again after heartache, betrayal, rejection, or even abuse as …

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Honoring the Goodbye

Counseling Tucson

Oh the excuses we tell ourselves for why it is not important to say goodbye to people, places, situations. These excuses may sound something like “I don’t do goodbyes”; “I have a lot to do before I leave, I don’t have time”; “I can say goodbye without seeing him/her, we’ll see each other again”. Or …

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Do I Really Need to Journal?

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You’ve heard it before…I imagine. Yes, writing in a journal can be therapeutic in many ways. Perhaps you have even had a cathartic writing experience yourself but then……lost interest. It can be HARD work and it takes time which competes with our modern, busy life. Writing in a journal may not be everyone’s ‘cup of …

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