Depression Therapy

Depression Therapy Tucson

Have you been feeling low on energy?

Are you seeking an escape through alcohol or addictive patterns?

Is your mood dull or blah?

Are you more tearful than usual?

Have you lost interest in activities you usually enjoy?

Does it feel like a chore to do simple tasks?

Are you isolating from others who you care about?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, you may be experiencing depression. Perhaps your appetite has changed or you haven’t had a restful night of sleep in weeks. Do you question what your purpose in life is? Maybe you have lost motivation with simple tasks or even lost your sexual desire. Depression can manifest in various ways, both mentally and physically, AND it doesn’t always need a reason or explanation. 

What If You Could...

Wake up feeling ready to meet the day

Understand your emotions easier with less judgement

Shake off that inner critic

Experience life with greater curiosity

Have more trust in yourself and express your authentic self without shame or guilt

No longer carry around the pain of grief and loss

Men often experience depression through an increase in substance use or addictive behaviors, recklessness, irritability, fatigue, restlessness, and anger. Traditionally, men have learned to “tough it out” and to mask their feelings. While there are some changes around these norms, men are still less likely to seek out therapy or ask for help. The men I have worked with experience great relief and reduction in shame after receiving support. By getting to know their internal world with depression therapy, they find they have a greater sense of who they are and who they want to be in this world. 

Integrative Approach

Depression is a symptom or set of symptoms, a loss of connection to your true self rather than a pathological condition. As an integrative therapist, we will identify parts of you that are affected by depression. Through a combination of mind and body approaches we will explore thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and areas of “stuckness” which feed the depression. I firmly believe that EACH person has a birthright to return to joy, peace, aliveness, and living life unbound. 

At times, people can become accustom to their depressed state or even come to identify with it as who they are. This does not have to be. Contact me to discuss how counseling for your depression may help you to discover how to live life on YOUR terms!

With permission from clients, I often work collaboratively with psychiatrists and other medical professionals on your plan of care