Get off the Wild Ride of Your Mind

Are you riding an emotional roller coaster ride that keeps on going without any end in sight? Do you find yourself stuck in the mud of repetitive thoughts and feelings? Are you replaying painful experiences hoping to find a solution to prevent the pain from ever knocking on your door again? Perhaps inside it feels like you are trapped in a mental circus. Your mind is searching for answers, clues, and is analyzing all the data of the situation you are “stuck” in. When we are stuck in the mud of life, our bodies become constricted, tight and tense. A part of us becomes immobilized. We brace for the next painful arrow of life to strike us again but this time we tell ourselves, we will be prepared. We foolishly believe this.

Of course, you want to eradicate your mental suffering. You may feel a desperation to be pulled out of the pit of anger, pain, regret, shame, or loss. After all your highest self IS calling. Calling you OUT of the mud and into more ease and discernment of your true needs. Mobilization is what is first needed when this type of super-glue stuckness occurs. To be open, soft and spacious may feel vulnerable, so go easy. Each incremental step matters.

So how to get off of the wild ride of the mind?

Physical movement is not only good for our physical body, it also supports us to move the stuckness of mental analysis and rumination of the mind. With movement, the psychological pains of life can be cleared away, at least a bit to make room inside the body for clarity and attunement to the highest part of you. The part that knows change IS possible. Moving your body moves energy. Give yourself permission to do it in a way that feels good to YOUR body. In this way, you development the skill of attunement. Listen to what feels right and then give your body what it is asking for. Dance, qigong, walking meditation, gym time, yoga, breathwork, massage, hiking… get the idea…there are many options.

Attunement creates resonation between the mind, body and spirit. When you are attuned, information becomes easier to flow and ‘higher self’ answers and guidance are ready and waiting for you. What action (if any) do you need to take next? What is needed in this situation to support your highest self? The juicy clarity that is suffocated underneath the spiral of thoughts is ready to now be explored. Attunement is available when the nervous system is open, spacious and less constricted. Stand back as curiosity will also be sparked!

If you are not ready to move your body in a cardio activity type of way, it’s okay. Don’t fall into the “all of nothing” trap. Meet yourself where you are. Small movements, tuning in to the depths of your breath or to your heart space, listening to music- these too support an opening of the autonomic nervous system. As you begin to listen by way of sensing, feeling, and attuning with your body’s movements and nuanced physical sensations, you exit the ruminating mind. You have now entered the sensing world- where the mind/body/spirit connection resides…where the rest of you is waiting to be heard.

It is up to us to facilitate the growth of the mind, body, spirit connection. We have to fight the battle of the mind. The mind so naturally demands ALL our attention, and we must remember to tend to the body also- for it has wisdom and answers. The mind would rather we stay with the thoughts, analysis, and rumination. And certainly, it is necessary to spend some time there, just try not to make it a permanent residency.