Mental De-cluttering for Ultimate Relaxation

Do you need a jump start for your journaling practice? Does your mind need a clean sweep? De-cluttering of physical AND mental space can bring new ideas, clean energy, more clarity and true relaxation to connect with body/mind/spirit. Enter in focus and lightness through written expression of all those thoughts and feelings lingering inside.

Your life is busy. Filled with “to do’s” and “to don’ts”. YOU and your self-care may be last on the priority list. Do you feel selfish or guilty for taking time to yourself to journal, meditate or any other self-care practice? Permission granted to put yourself first. Move through those guilty feelings or that anxiety around the impulse do other things. There will ALWAYS be other things to tend to. Those other tasks will be ready for you at a later date. Your mind, body, spirit matter most as a foundation to your life. Might this be the time to put down a layer of concrete and make that foundation rock solid?

Back to the pen and paper. Or keyboard if that’s your fancy. Here are a few of my favorite prompts for journaling…for those times when you need a Kickstarter. Ready? And sharing your journaling with your therapist can help bring in a deeper connection with your therapist and that relationship.

The parts of myself that I conceal are?

The roles I have discarded are?

I am becoming….,h_501,al_c,q_20,enc_auto/file.jpeg

It might be useful to remind myself that….

I define my authentic self as….

I share my true self with…

These experiences in my past have helped me to…

What does this present moment have to offer me?

In a typical day what do I find myself most thinking about?

What I have learned from the season that I am leaving or have left behind?

In this time in my life, the following is essential…

Have fun with it. Be curious about your inner longings, wisdom and unconscious thoughts and feelings which are begging you to be discovered. If there is strong emotion that arises- take a pause, validate your feelings, breathe. No need to feel pressured. Come back to the ‘right here, right now’ of basic “okayness”. I’m excited with you! Thank yourself for the gift of self-care. #therapy #selfcare #journaling #declutter #unconcious

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